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About the Author/News and Notes from the Terror-type
Sidekicks Incorporated
BUG STOMPERS of The 21st Century
SPECTRAL REWIND: The Class of '81
CREEPING DREAD: The Fantastic Journals of Luther Henry
Mister HATE 2007
The DEAD Effect
HORIZONS: The 2005 Speculative Fiction Centre Anthology
REALITY CHECK: An Anthology of Horror
Passports To HELL
BLOODLINES: Legacies of Madness
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A real mind BLOWER...


      CRAVE A GOOD SCARE? Need a good shock to the system? Need some old fashioned, bare bones horror/suspense to stick to your ribs? Welcome to GRAVEN IMAGERY, the site where you can connect with an up and coming suspense/horror novelist who will steer you down the weaving,crimson coated highway to unspeakable terror!


  •  SEPTEMBER 2011: 'SIDEKICKS INCORPORATED', an action/thriller from Passitonate Writer Publishing.  'Not all heroes wear a white hat...'


  •  AUGUST 2011: 'RECLUSES', a brand-spanking new collection of mystery/suspense tales from Double-Dragon Publishing.   For the closet 'hermit' in us all....


  •   JULY 2010: 'DESOLATION OUTPOST'  published by Double-Dragon Publishing.  A sequel of sorts to 2006's 'Desolation Island', this Sci-Fi/Thriller finds second-tier superhero Ben Thomason, AKA 'FORCE' doing time at a Top Secret rehab facility especially designed for troubled hero types.  As expected, mayhem and murder spades!  


  • JANUARY 2009: 'BUG STOMPERS of The 21st Century' published by Double Dragon Publishing.  This futuristic tongue-in-cheek horror thriller will likely have you checking the cabinets for 'creepy-crawlies' !


  • NOVEMBER 2008: 'SPECTRAL REWIND: The Class of '81' is released by Swimming Kangaroo Books.  This murder/mystery/suspense tale aims to evoke both feelings of warm nostalgia and icy, stark dread while guiding readers down a slippery slope directly into the pulsating heart of small-town malevolence.





Available now, a new voice in modern suspense, Terry L. Vinson, presents newly released novels that speak to the dark side in us all. Tales of madness and the macabre, of the strange and surreal....

Dark passages await,that is, if you have the courage to step down the first dimly lit hallway and into the pitch black abyss...

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Now Available....and definitely NOT for the squeamish....

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Terry's Published Works as of September 2011:

     SKELETAL REMAINS (2001) - ...A 'Creepshow' of a read...                

          DAMNED GROUNDS (2002) - ...prison ground horrors...

            DEFLECTOR (2002)-  A supernatural mind-blower with a twist ending...

     BLOODLINES: Legacies of Madness (2003) - collection of spine-tingling horror tales...

     BONE CHILLS (2004).... Terry's third (and      possibly best) collection of short stories.....

        PASSPORT TO HELL (2004) ....A finely tuned collection of shorts with an equal mix of horror/suspense/mystery and action/adventure.....

        REALITY CHECK (2004) ....'Reality TV' filtered through the lens of a madman...Terry has three chilling entries in this horrifying anthology....

        HALF PAST THE WITCHING HOUR (2005) ...28 thrilling shorts that run the gamut from mystery, suspense, action-adventure, black humor, to bare 'bones' horror at it's grisliest...

     'HORIZONS': The 2005 SPECULATIVE FICTION CENTRE ANTHOLOGY (2005) ...includes four of Terry's latest horror/suspense tales...

      'DESOLATION ISLAND (2006)'": Action/adventure mystery set in a comic-book realm of Terry's own creation....

      'The DEAD Effect' (2007): Fourteen 'Tales of the Zombie'...Terry's personal homage to the 'dead' films of George Romero....

      'Mister Hate' (2007) - Re-written, re-edited, re-invisioned version of the 2003 novel of the same name....unrelenting suspense with a humdinger of a twist ending!

      'YELLOW FEVER' (2008) - International mystery/thriller with just a tint of the supernatural tossed in for good measure!  

      'CREEPING DREAD': The Fantastic Journals of Luther Henry' (2008) - Supernatural chills set on the dusty plains of the old west...

     'SPECTRAL REWIND: The Class of '81' (2008): Equal parts nostalgic trip down memory lane and mystery/thriller, with just a tinge of the supernatural. 

      'BUG STOMPERS of The 21st Century' (2009) - Tongue-in-cheek horror/sci-fi - written by a former 'bug stomper' turned author!

     "DESOLATION OUTPOST " (2010) - Sci-Fi/Action sequel to 2006's 'Desolaton Island'....superhero mayhem at its finest!

     "RECLUSES" (2011) - Mystery/suspense-filled 'Tales of The Introverted'....

    "SIDEKICKS INCORPORATED" (2011) - Action/Thriller with a shock ending that has to be re-read to be believed! 

     Check inside this site for exclusive previews of each novel and purchasing info, not to mention upcoming projects (and there's a 'slew' of 'em!)

Please support your local HORROR authors by reading MORE books!!!!!!!

TERRY'S LATEST RELEASE: "Recluses'...for the hidden hermit in us all....and right on it's heels, "SIDEKICKS Incorporated", 'Not all heroes wear the white hat..'

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