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Don't pray for rescue....pray for survival....

Pray not for rescue....pray for survival.....

...From this particular 'island', pray not for rescue, but to merely survive...

Just released from Double Dragon Publishing, Terry Lloyd Vinson's newest full-length novel, the action/adventure thriller 'Desolation Island'.

A brief preview of life on 'the island':

Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, second-tier superhero Ben Thomason, known in the trades as ‘Desolation Outlaw’, is convicted and sentenced to life in prison at Eagle Island Detention Center, a Top Secret, billion dollar penitentiary that houses only the elite of super-villains and super-hero’s gone bad.

Following the initial incarceration phase, he greets both old allies and enemies alike amid an inexplicable feeling of dread that looms atop the desolate island location like a toxic black cloud.

Set against a surreal backdrop filled with deadly mutants, vile alien entities and merciless madmen, the purest of all evils is slowly awakening just below the surface of the prison’s stringently controlled environment; an ancient being whose raw power dwarfs those of all assigned inmates combined.

As centuries-old mysteries unravel and shocking truths are unmasked, the imprisoned inhabitants and embittered staff of Eagle Isle are forced to ban together and pool their respective powers in order to survive the greatest threat of all, and from the most unlikely of sources.

No man is an island, indeed, most notably a penal colony turned beachhead graveyard soon to be renamed
‘Desolation Island’

DESOLATION ISLAND is Terry Lloyd Vinson’s homage to the Marvel comic book worlds he inhabited as a teen back in the seventies (Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man, Daredevil, The Hulk, The Defenders, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man), though with a decidedly harder edge. Having served as creator/writer/editor and illustrator of his own home-drawn comic mag in the mid-seventies entitled ‘The Revenge Squad’, Vinson has incorporated many of the same superheroes and villains from the nearly 100 issues (usually 5-6 drawn pages in length) created in that time. His 2001 novel ‘SKELETAL REMAINS’ did in fact include a 30 page novella entitled ‘The Revenge Squad’. In addition, his 2005 horror/suspense collection 'Half Past the Witching Hour' also included a tale entitled '(Fall Of) The Sentinels' featuring several of the same characters. In fact, the two main characters of “Desolation Island” (Force, Marvella) are actually lifted from both the above-mentioned short stories.

‘Desolation Island’ is now available from Double Dragon Publishing in ebook format, and from in the paperback version. Soon to be available on



'Desolation Island' is Terry's first 'full length' novel since 2003's 'Mister Hate'....