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Between time and TERROR lies...The Witching Hour...

Half Past The Witching Hour” is a psyche jarring collection of suspenseful short stories that combine old-fashioned ‘bare bones’ horror, Sci-Fi, mystery and suspense with ‘O.Henry-style’ surprise endings sure to keep those brave souls willing to indulge glued to the printed page.

Unlike Terry's other short story collections, "BONE CHILLS", "BLOODLINES", "SKELETAL REMAINS" or the more recent "PASSPORT TO HELL", this novel contains 'stand-alone' tales in the 'Night Gallery' tradition that aren't tied together by a framework story.

From 17th Century horrors (‘Edge of The Scythe’) to parasitic terrors found in the deepest, darkest corner of outer space (‘Bottom Feeders’), to a group of misfit malcontent superheroes of the near future facing down the ultimate evil (‘Fall of The Sentinels’), the face of fear has never been so intrusive, yet strangely enticing.

Each tale contained within has its own unique twist that sets it apart from the usual thrill-read, from creatures born from myth and legend (‘DreadNet’), to haunted hotel rooms seemingly constructed upon damned grounds (‘Room 22’), to a futuristic ‘Reality TV’ program geared towards an audience of walking cadavers (‘You Are Who You Eat’).

Twenty eight fright-fests in all, running a chilling gamut in covering a vast cornucopia of genre staples such as vampires (‘Generation Flesh’), werewolves (‘Shredder’), psychopaths (‘Heads Will Roll’) and the most vengeful of phantoms (‘Eternal Rewind’), this frightful collection leaves no bone…um, stone unturned in its relentless quest to shock, repulse, and leave the reader’s flesh crawling as the clock on a nearby wall chimes in at ‘Half Past The Witching Hour

Other Tales within include:

Dead Heads One of the eve of a permanent format change from Classic Rock ‘N Roll to Rap, one of the last self-proclaimed ‘dead head’ DJ’s bares witness to a global meltdown of epidemic proportions…

Passing The Torch – Within a cramped interrogation room, a grizzled detective comes face to face with evil personified, only to find that not all is truly what it seems within a twisted realm filled with smoke and crimson-stained mirrors…

Daddy Long-Legs – At an isolated cabin retreat deep within a desolate forest, a vacationing family discovers a terrifying new meaning to the term ‘bug hunt’…

(Fall of) The Sentinels – In the very near future, a fragmented group of second-rate, ragtag 'Super-heroes’ attempt to quell the systematic slaughter of their own kind by a mysterious, powerhouse villain whose sole agenda seems to be an extreme case of ‘hero’ eradication…

Two on a Raft – Drifting atop the open sea in an inflatable life-raft, the lone survivors of a cruise-ship disaster soon find themselves locked in a psychological death-match for what little previsions remain...

Bottom Feeder(s) – Marooned on an uncharted planet, the crew of a space supply vessel discover the very grounds they walk upon infested with an all-too-familiar internal parasite with a hunger for warm, human flesh…

Nick-Nightmare – They say too much TV can rot the brain…witness proof to that well-worn adage while traveling a nightmarish landscape littered with familiar, albeit strangely contorted, faces from televisions ‘golden era’…

Seasonal Specters - As they frolic from home to home collecting ‘trick’s or ‘treats’, did you ever wonder who (or what) was hiding behind the cleverly designed masks and costumes of the Halloween season? Alas, some mysterious are better left unsolved…

You Are Who You Eat - Unlike most popular trends, the ‘Reality TV’ craze refuses to fade into oblivion, even in a post-apocalyptic world where Nielson Ratings mean little. So grab your favorite snack, then sit back and discard that remote, as ‘Living Dead TV’ fills the screen…

DreadNet – 21st Century Law Enforcement meets 18th Century mythology as the dedicated men and women of the New Orleans PD come face to face with a legendary beast of Lupine origin…

Shredder – An old west bounty hunter follows a bloodied trail of death and dismemberment in a quest for the ultimate prize, and soon discovers the quarry he seeks is much closer than originally thought…

"Half Past The Witching Hour" is now on sale at in both paperback and ebook format.

Also available at such on-line retailers as AMAZON.COM and BARNES & NOBLE.COM.

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