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REALITY CHECK: An Anthology of Horror
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Choose your channel carefully......

Choose your channel carefully....

Grab that remote and prepare for a grisly homage to the 'Reality TV' craze currently dominating the Nielsen's...

Ebooks on Disk will release the horror anthology, 'Reality Check' in September 2004, edited by Thomas Long Jr., and featuring some of today's top rising stars in the horror/suspense genre.

Terry Lloyd Vinson has two entries in this thrilling collection of tales; his admittedly warped take on MTV's 'The Real World' entitled '(Damned on) THE FARM' well as a good-natured skewering of 'EXTREME MAKEOVER' he calls 'MakeOverKill', which was co-written by his wife, Kim. 

Terry also makes a surprise third appearance, writing as 'Andrew T. Fife'  with the comic undead tale 'YOU ARE WHO YOU EAT', a rather twisted take on Reality TV's 'Eating contests'. 

Also contributing are such noted horror scribes as Nickolaus Pacione with 'Bite of The Spider'; Hasan Abood with 'El Horror de la Realidad'; and Williams Bates with 'Hibernation'. The entire line-up of blood-chilling tales is as follows:

William C. Bates "Hibernation"

Joni Latham "Royal Wedding"

Terry and Kim Vinson "MakeOverKill"

Terry Vinson "(Damned on) The Farm"

Nickolaus Pacione "Bite of The Spider"

Hasan Abood "El Horror de la realidad"

Nick Mounts "Dark Room"

Steven Shrewsbury "Home of the Brave"

William I. Lengeman III "Who Wants To Be Eviscerated?"

Andrew T. Fife (Terry Lloyd Vinson) "You Are Who You Eat'...

A quick preview of just a few of the aforementioned tales:

Cheaply produced and easy on the eyes, The ‘Reality TV’ craze began in the late ‘80’s with MTV’s ‘Real World’ and currently makes up over half of all network television slots.

The popularity of such programs as ‘Survivor’, ‘Fear Factor’, and ‘The Simple Life’ has led to a glut of such programming whose popularity continues to rise, mostly with the younger generations who’ve been weaned on such frivolous fare.

Inevitably, a dark, sinister side emerges from such a sweeping phenomenon like an evil twin; a ‘Fractured Reality’, if you will. Witness the horrific future of such programs in the following terror tales:

A veteran B-Movie actress with a penchant for surgical ‘enhancement’ endures one ‘procedure’ too many, leading not only to a slot on ‘Extreme Celebrity Makeover’, but also down a spiraling, blood-soaked path littered with insanity and cold-bloodied murder….

A group of wealthy twenty-something’s are tasked to spend thirty days on ‘The Farm’ with three convicted felons, living off the land while learning to tolerate each other’s marked idiosyncrasies, which in one specific case includes vile, grisly traits normally associated with a certain legendary creature of the night….

A 21st Century 'eating contest' is given a grisly twist in the era of 'living dead' reality programming, thereby creating the popular tagline, 'You Are Who You Eat'...

A serial killer tapes his victim's deaths, each of which is staged in Grand Guignol style, leaving frustrated authorities little clues to either his identity or whereabouts.

A haunted hospital and a serious bout of arachnophobia provide the catalyst to a young couple's darkest nightmares as the camera's roving eye catches every detail of the horrors trapped within their terror-filled mind's eye....

It was once stated that ‘reality is one man’s perception of the truth’…in the enclosed cases, however, it can be better defined as ‘one man’s perception of horrors personified…’

A fright-filled collection from some of today's finest up-and-coming horror/suspense authors, edited by Thomas Long, Jr, ON SALE the middle of September 2004 from ebooksondisk, and now available from such on-line retailers as and Barnes &  Pick up your copy'll never quite view 'reality TV' the same again...

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